Palm Bay Music is a vibrant independent Music Publishing company run by writers, for writers. We offer a creatively rewarding publishing option to the makers of music.

We believe in a transparent and fairer industry where songwriters are valued, inspired and empowered. 

Our reputation for consistently delivering innovative and commercially successful songwriting is growing with over 120 million Spotify streams

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Fair and flexible, writer friendly music publishing. 

Only sign the songs you choose.

Collect royalties you are owed. 

Join a creative community


  • #2 UK album chart position 

  • 2x Gold Record certification 

  • Multiple Spotify Editorial playlists inc. New Music Fridays, Fresh Finds, The Pop List

Extensive Radio play listing:

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 Some of our creative collaborations include: 

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What makes us different?


As fellow creatives, we’ve experienced some of the drawbacks you can experience when working with publishers: like late and lazy collecting, bad communication and non-existent professional development. 

It’s why we’re here to empower you, represent the hell out of your songs and properly help you achieve your career goals. You won’t just be dropped into a huge roster, where only a few big names get the attention. And your songs won’t be handed over to an unknown algorithm, without a human being in sight. You don’t even have to sign your entire catalogue to us if you don’t want to. With us, you get our time, creative expertise and super-enviable worldwide network. And we pick up the phone when you need us!

What we offer:

  • Collections song registration, maximising worldwide royalty income


  • Rights representation approving usage & licensing, copyright protection


  • Professional development - studio time, creative feedback, organising collaborations


  • Synchronisation pitch existing catalogue, present music supervisor briefs for composition


  • Catalogue expansion respond to record label briefs, writing sessions, writing camps


  • Raising your profile cuts & synch placements, industry intros, promotion to wider network


Non-exclusive writer friendly deals, only sign the songs you choose


Other publishers often want exclusive rights over your entire previous catalogue and everything you write in the future over a set period of time. And they’ll often want to own these rights in perpetuity (forever, basically) or a term of 10+ years is common too. We think this is unfair and doesn’t respect you, the writer, and what you might want to do in the future. 


Palm Bay Music provides a contemporary approach to music publishing that is responsive to the needs of writers in an ever evolving music industry. We want to work with writers for as long as they would like to work with us. Different from lengthy exclusive publishing agreements, you choose which part of your catalogue you would like us to represent, be it a single, EP or album. 


We think 5 years is a reasonable time for us to collect the maximum royalty revenue on your songs. Other publishers sometimes offer much shorter deals under the guise of ‘flexibility’. The reality is it takes a long time to collect diligently on your behalf, UK royalties take between 12-18 months and international a further 6-12 months on top of that. Regularly chopping and changing publishers assigned to your song registrations often leads to revenue being very delayed or lost altogether.

70% split in your favour


Again, this is a considerably smaller split than other publishers, where the number is often 50%. We think it’s a fairer reflection on the time we commit to you, not just for registration, representation and collection, but for the mentoring, creative feedback, network introductions and synch pitching opportunities we provide too. If you see other publishers offering smaller splits (e.g. 85/15) be aware that these are typically admin only deals that don’t come with any oversight, mentorship, synchronisation pitching or industry expertise. 

As well as working damn hard to collect every penny you’re owed, we’re unique in the way we support you creatively and practically too. 

Our global sub-publishing relationships mean we have all the firepower of a major publisher, but with all the good, personal, on-the-end-of-a-phone stuff that comes with being an indie. And not a single shareholder to answer to either. We are currently helping shape the creative growth of a number of exciting artist projects and songwriters with the expertise of our experienced A&R team and carefully curated writing camps.

We imagine a world in which equal opportunity and songwriting exist in harmony. We want to rebalance the writing session room and lead the way in nurturing those who are too often overlooked by the mainstream. 

Our writer roster and team members are:


Women + gender minorities


LGBTQIA+ identifying 


Diverse ethnic heritage